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There are plenty of choices for lawn care service in Sullivan, Bourbon, St. Clair and Union. But only one company is designed specifically to meet the lawn maintenance needs of commercial properties and businesses or your personal residence. And that’s Designing The Outdoors, owned by Troy Hall.

Here’s what one client, the manager of a large condominium complex, had to say about our services:

“Troy makes sure our lawn looks beautiful. He sprays for weeds and pest control. He also makes sure our bushes are trimmed as often as needed. We are all very appreciative that he is always willing to talk about the ‘Design’.

After we had our building painted and found issues with our foundation, it was determined that we needed rock around the building instead of mulch. We openly discussed the options and Troy has implemented rock around the building, changed the grass line for easier maintenance and his design has added to the aesthetic value of our building.”


Lawn care service, maintenance, sprinkler system service and trimming for your commercial development or business is different than caring for your backyard at home. Choose a company who knows the difference – Designing The Outdoors.